History is the common thread linking Tim’s wide-ranging skills and interests.  An eleventh-generation “Jersey Dutchman,” Tim’s roots and heart draw him to the early history of Bergen County, the Hudson Valley, and America.

   Restoring and preserving the physical remnant of history, as seen in architecture, is one of Tim’s specialties.  An architectural historian and historic restoration specialist, Tim not only studies and consults on historic structures; he also performs the physical restoration work.
   Cited as the authority on the unique Dutch houses within the Jersey Dutch settlement region, Tim has been involved in historic preservation for nearly 30 years.  His list of historic restoration projects is extensive.
  Tim has authored and contributed to articles and books on a variety of history-related topics.  His restoration work has been featured in local and national magazines, and he is the recipient of numerous awards.
About Tim Adriance
  Tim shares his love of history as an educator and presenter.  His program, “A Soldier’s Life,” covers the tumultuous Civil War period, while other programs cover architectural, local, military, and cultural history.  His talents as a communicator and interpreter of history are well known.