This one-man show brings the past to the present in an entertaining and educational way.

You’ll understand the Civil War as never before when Tim Adriance shares with you his amazing knowledge of the greatest conflict in American history.

As a historian using the techniques of “living history,” Tim has actually relived the life of the Civil War soldier.  He has taken part in numerous reenactment campaigns from the opening salvos of Manassas to the surrender at Appomattox.

Dressed and fully equipped as an infantryman who has just come from the battlefields of the 1860s,
Tim will capture your imagination as he describes his authentic uniform complete with wood-pegged shoes. 
You’ll actually touch the rations of the 19th century soldier including hardtack.

Hear the stories of great battles, life in camp, and famous generals.  You will understand as never before
the workings of a musket and the tactics of early warfare.

The basic “A Soldier’s Life” show runs 60 to 90 minutes, including time for questions. This show works well
both indoors and outdoors.  References and rates available upon request.

A Soldier's Life
The Life and Times of a Civil War Soldier    1861 – 1865 

History Comes Alive !