This is a partial list of some of the projects by Tim Adriance Historic Restoration and Consulting

“NRHP” indicates National Register of Historic Places designation

Van Cortlandt Manor (c.1749, NRHP), Historic Hudson Valley, Croton-on-Hudson, NY.  Assessed Ferry House’s jambless fireplace and provided recommendations for restoration.

The Steuben House (1752, NRHP), Historic New Bridge Landing State Park, River Edge, NJ.  Prepared assessment of structure and provided recommendations for restoration.

Campbell-Christie House (c.1774, NRHP), Historic New Bridge Landing State Park, River Edge, NJ.  Created and installed reproduction 18th century windows and restored exterior of building.

Campbell-Christie Out-Kitchen (1990), Historic New Bridge Landing State Park, River Edge, NJ.  Constructed replica of the John R. Demarest out-kitchen, a stone and frame structure originally built in 1775.

Demarest House Museum (c.1790 NRHP), Historic New Bridge Landing State Park, River Edge, NJ.  Prepared historic architectural study of the house.  Restored exterior and interior of the building.

Blackledge-Kearney House (c.1760, NRHP), Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Alpine, NJ.  Inspected and provided recommendations for restoration and use of fireplaces.

Van Saun County Park (1994), Paramus, NJ.  Served as consultant for construction of a Dutch barn at the park’s zoo and led crew as master carpenter for the raising of the barn’s frame.

Henry Doremus House (c.1750, NRHP), Washington’s Headquarters, Montville, NJ.  Provided historic structure report.

Meadowlands Museum (c.1800, NRHP), East Rutherford, NJ.  Restored cornice and repaired roof.

Civil War Drill Hall (1859, NRHP), Leonia, NJ.  Consulted on restoration.

Tice Barn (c.1800), Hopper-Goetschius House Museum, Upper Saddle River, NJ.  Restored anchor beams and columns.

Van Voorhees-Quackenbush-Zabriskie House Museum (1824, NRHP), Wyckoff, NJ.  Restored entry door.

Terhune Demarest House (c.1760 NRHP), Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ.  Fully restored the entire structure and grounds, and created period addition.

William Holdrum Sr. House (c.1747), River Vale, NJ.  Disassembled structure and numbered pieces for storage and future reassembly.  Consultant for the Township of River Vale as part of the preservation team for the re-erection of the structure.  Prepared National Register application, structural assessment, and other documents.

Peter D. Haring House (c.1835), Norwood, NJ.  Restored entire structure (interior and exterior).  Work included wood roof, fireplace restoration, recreation of early 19th century kitchen, and restored windows.  Refinished all interior plaster work.  Built reproduction furniture, including a Dutch kas (cupboard).  This house was featured in the spring 1998 issue of Old-House Interiors magazine.

Peter D. Haring Dutch Barn (1995), Norwood, NJ.  Designed and built full-size Bergen County Dutch barn, a completely timber-framed structure with stone foundation, wood roof, and period siding and doors.

DeGray Dutch Barn (c.1780), Franklin Lakes, NJ.  Restored building back to Dutch barn form and installed new roof, siding, and doors.

William De Clark House (c.1786, NRHP), Closter, NJ.  Installed wood roof, restored trim boards and siding, and constructed new wood cellar door.

Jacobus Demarest House (c.1765, NRHP), New Milford, NJ.  Built exact copies of original shutters.

William Holdrum Jr. House (c.1784, NRHP), River Vale, NJ.  Constructed and installed reproduction 18th century windows and doors.  Restored front eave.  Constructed reproduction Bergen County mantels.  Installed historic-style kitchen.  Constructed Dutch hay-rick.  Built barn/garage and garden structures.  Restored living room and hallway.  Installed new historic themed bathroom.  This house was featured in the summer 2001 issue of Design NJ magazine.

Perry House (c.1792, NRHP), Park Ridge, NJ.  Provided historic structure report.

Cornelius Haring House (c.1750, NRHP), River Vale, NJ.  Restored kitchen floor and installed historic-style kitchen.

Auryansen House (c.1790, NRHP), Closter, NJ.  Assessed and provided recommendations for restoration.  Restored east wall of exterior.  Repaired front entryway.

Auryansen Barn (c.1790), Closter, NJ.  Repaired and replaced timbers of disassembled building and assisted with reconstruction.

Van Wickel-Moore House (c.1828, NRHP), Rockleigh, NJ.  Reconstructed front façade and restored exterior of house.  Constructed new room on the footprint of screened porch.  Restored entryway and staircase.  Restored parlor and constructed flanking fireplace cabinets.

Caroline Heider House (c.1820, NRHP), Palisades, NY.  Restored 18th century Dutch door and re-hung shutters with wrought hardware.

Garret Durie Barn (c.1810), Haworth, NJ.  Restored sill timbers and siding and repaired doors.

Blauvelt-Hering House (c.1830), Hillsdale, NJ.  Repaired box gutters.

Isaac Naugle House (c.1770, NRHP), Closter, NJ.  Consultant on restoration plan.  Restored dormers, provided detail work on new wood roof, and constructed appropriate north side windows.  Constructed new second floor bathroom.

Stephen T. Zabriskie House (c.1800, NRHP), Paramus, NJ.  Repaired roof.

South Church (1799, NRHP), Bergenfield, NJ.  Consulted on restoration.

Vreeland House (c.1786-1815, NRHP), Leonia, NJ.  Consulted on restoration plan.

Albert Jacob Zabriskie House (c.1800, NRHP), Paramus, NJ.  Restored shutters and constructed new pair to match.

John G. Benson House (c.1800, NRHP), Office of Northern Valley Chapter, American Red Cross, Englewood, NJ.  Prepared assessment of structure.  Historic consultant for restoration work.

Banta-Coe House (c.1749, NRHP), Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ.  Consulted on restoration feasibility plan.

John A. Haring House (c.1805, NRHP), Rockleigh, NJ.  Removed 20th century dormers.  Restored roof details.  Reproduced front Dutch stoop.

Naugle House (c.1820), Tappan, NY.  Restored sills and siding.

Smith-Frohman House (c.1825), Grand View-on-Hudson, NY.  Installed historic-style kitchen.

Roelof Westervelt House (c.1740, NRHP), Tenafly, NJ.  Restored jambless fireplace and reconstructed beehive oven.

Trall House (c.1870), Hillsdale, NJ.  Prepared exterior restoration plan for this Second Empire house.

Cornelius Kent House (c.1830), Hillsdale, NJ.  Repaired fireplaces and restored interior trim.

Blauvelt House (c.1800, NRHP), Norwood, NJ.  Restored spring eave and rakes.  Reconstructed dormers.  Applied wood roof.  Rebuilt chimneys.  Installed new heating system.  Restored interior rooms.  Built and installed custom-made windows.  Restored front porch.  Built and installed reproduction Dutch entry doors.  Constructed wood frame stone-end kitchen wing.

Walter Parsells House (c.1795, NRHP), Closter, NJ.  Consulted on necessary repairs.

Church on the Green (c.1791, NRHP), Hackensack, NJ.  Provided structural consultation.

Blauvelt House (c.1865), Norwood, NJ.  Built historically compatible two-story addition to this “Downingesque” Gothic Revival house.

David Van Gelder House (c.1794, NRHP), Ramsey, NJ.  Provided restoration plan.

Holdrum-Van Houten House (c.1783, NRHP), Montvale, NJ.  Replaced roof.

Blanch-Haring House (c.1788, NRHP), Harrington Park, NJ.  Repaired framing.  Restored chimney.  Rebuilt main stairway.  Restored second-floor flooring.  Restored window frames.

Historic Restoration Projects