A Soldier’s Life”  One-man show on the life of the Civil War soldier.  Presented to school groups and civic organizations.

"Bergen County Historic Architecture."  AIA / CES credit seminar, presented to Architects.  This program takes the participants onsite to study various significant historic structures which are representative of the architectural development of this region.  The focus is for the participants to identify and be aware of the numerous historic architectural styles and to learn about preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptive uses. 

How to Date Your Older Home and Restore It Properly.”  Presentation, delivered to various groups, on the various styles of American architecture and the fundamentals of the dating and restoration process.

Dutch Houses and Their Construction.”  Presentation, delivered to various organizations, on historic houses of Bergen and Rockland counties.

The New World Dutch Barn.”  Presentation, delivered to various organizations, on America’s oldest and most unique barn type.

Historic Houses and Sites of Bergen and Rockland Counties.”  A four-hour bus tour providing highlights of over 200 historic sites.  Commentary augmented by multimedia presentation.

Washington in New York.”  Day-long bus tour of New York City’s various historic sites related to Washington’s 1776 campaign and his presidency.  Prepared and presented for History America Tours (an associate company of the History Channel).