Historic Restoration
  Gallery of Projects
Constructed and designed this addition from a design within the Library of Congress Historic American Building Survey (HABS) collection.Detail of shop built eye-brow window and shutters.Restored entire room.Fence and hitching post design created from historic photo of this house.Constructed this new fireplace and mantel from designs found in the Library of Congress HABS collection.Restored this entire c.1760 room, the floor was hand sanded and finished.Installed new roofing and dormer siding.Constructed this replica out-kitchen at Historic New Bridge Landing.Built this master bathroom including marble work.Constructed all elements within the photo, and restored the stone work.Chip carved mantel custom made for this fireplace, restored firebox, installed imported delft tile.  Mantel is scaled copy from a design within the Library of Congress HABS database.Full scale reproduction of a Bergen County Dutch barn.Demarest House Museum, restored entire room.Constructed this master bathroom and installed all tile and marble.Detail of Bergen County Dutch “Kas,” notice joinery details.Constructed addition (rear portion) on this Downingesque Gothic Revival house.Detail of Downingesque Gothic Revival addition, note shop built elements – eave brackets, windows, porch columns, gingerbread.Restored 1830 window and shutters, note the installed energy efficient storm window panel (it is practically invisible).Museum quality reproduction Hackensack Valley cupboard, note chip carving and “matchstick reeding” details.Detail of newly constructed mantel, note the chip carved panel which was carved from a single piece of wood.Copy of a Bergen County kas, note maple inlay and the cornice molding made from a single piece of wood.Page from Old House Interiors magazine article all work by Tim Adriance except the actual painting of the murals.Restored original plaster, trim, and floors, all painting was done by Tim Adriance.  The Bergen County tall case clock was also restored by Tim.Constructed fireplace, fireplace crane, and provided the reproduction fire back.Designed concept for entire space, created the canvas floor cloth, restored all walls and trim, and worked with artist in the creation of the murals.Reproduction Bergen County Dutch barn, used as two car garage with two vertical lift garage doors on the rear of the building. Note the “hay barrack” (used to store garbage cans).Detail of beaded board wainscot wall, note the decorative openings for the hidden “base board” heating.Cedar lamp post with provided reproduction lighting fixture.Demarest House Museum fully restored by Tim Adriance, note the door and trim which were completely fabricated in Tim’s shop.Restored floor, created and installed trim, and wallpapered this 1784 house (note power assisted heat unit in base board).Restored all walls, wainscot, moldings, made floor cloth, and created design for murals.“Antique” corner cupboard – actually totally new, but was built to look and feel old – is used as a TV cabinet in a bedroom.Detail of “antique” finish, all knobs and hardware fashioned in the shop.Fully restored Greek Revival house.Kitchen addition completely constructed by Tim Adriance.New frame structure made to look like a barn; actually a two car garage (overhead garage doors are on the opposite side), with finished office in the loft.Door and wainscot fabricated in Tim’ shop.Master bedroom fireplace and cabinetry modeled on historic examples.  The fireplace is a metal gas fired installed unit, note faux marble painting around the fireplace.New room and fireplace constructed to look old, and the bee-hive oven is fully functional.Walls, floors, and trim all restored by Tim and all painting (except the mural) was performed by Tim.This 1784 room was restored by Tim Adriance.Pergola completely constructed of rot resistant treated lumber.Restored entire room including windows.New barn door, note use of antique hardware, and the shop built tin lantern.Restored room in 1710 house, the stairway is new construction.Fully restored Demarest House Museum, roofing, chimneys, siding, doors, and painting all by Tim Adriance.“Historic” styled stairway in new addition to a 1765 house.New two car garage in Rockligh historic district constructed to look like a barn, note dry laid fieldstone foundation.Restored entryway, door and stair railings are new construction.Shop built double hung window.New kitchen for a historic house, all cabinetry built and installed by Tim Adriance.Historic style fence copied from early photographs, constructed completely from rot resistant treated wood.Museum reproduction tin reflective oven made in the shop of Tim Adriance.Rear of tin reflective oven showing detail of inner workings.Demarest House Museum new boxed stairway constructed from Library of Congress HABS drawings, note period lighting, hardware, paint colors, and tin candle safe (made in Tim’s shop).Kitchen designed, cabinets built and installed all by Tim Adriance.Floors, walls, ceiling, trim, wallpaper, paint, and bed canopy fabric installation all by Tim.Fully restored porch, the porch platform is new construction to replace the rotted old one, and the railing design was constructed from existing evidence.New full scale Bergen County Dutch barn.Interior of barn showing framing details.Dutch barn frame on the “raising” day, completely mortise and tenon constructed (the frame was erected in eight and half hours).New fireplace flanking cabinets, modeled after the cabinets in the 1700 DeWindt House museum.Exact reproduction porch constructed from drawings and photos in the Library of Congress HABS collection for this house.