Historic Restoration Gallery of Projects  page 2
Dutch “hay barrack” – a typical feature of most early Bergen County farms, this one has the practical use as a place to keep garbage and recycling cans.Detail of shop made door and trim, notice the hand wrought hinge and nails.Restored entry way with shop built door, transom window,  door frame, and railing.Restored parlor in a Greek Revival house, the bookcase was also restored by Tim.This kitchen with custom made cabinets, stone and butcher block countertops, new window, and wide-plank stenciled floor was constructed and completed by Tim Adriance for one half the price of the client’s major manufacturer’s quote.“Modern two car garage,” this building is of new modern construction with an exterior made to look appropriate to the setting of a 1784 house. The garage has modern over head garage doors on the far side, and a finished office loft, the little loft doors open to reveal a modern window.

Detail of the setting of the “Modern two car garage.”Custom shop made “shutter dog” fabricated from drawings within the Library of Congress HABS drawings for this building.  Note restored shutter.“Hay Barrack” frame constructed for use as a grape arbor within a garden setting.Custom kitchen cabinets made in the shop of Tim Adriance, with a design influenced by that of the Hackensack valley cupboard.Garden gate constructed completely out of rot resistant treated material, note the hand wrought hinges and graceful detailing.Fully restored Bergen County Dutch barn.

Interior of restored Dutch barn showing original framing, and new exterior envelope.Designed this “tower” on this Second Empire house, the original tower had been removed, but through thorough research of historic photographs this design was created.New addition to c1760 house, note wide plank flooring.

Wood frame and stone addition to a 1790 Jersey Dutch house.Detail of a heavy timber window frame, and the wood pegs are functional.Constructed this addition to a 1828 house note built in cabinetry.Fully restored Jersey Dutch stone house, all stone work restored by Tim, and all windows, doors, porch, roof overhang were built by Tim.  All painting and roof shingles by Tim also.This two car garage was designed and constructed by Tim, it is a scaled down version of a typical 19th century Bergen County barn.Addition to a Jersey Dutch stone house designed and built by Tim, note how the front façade is “historically pure” while the rear portion retains the “historic flavor,” and at the same time allows for large room spaces.Detail of beaded-edge siding.Before, picture of stone house in near condemned condition, and property in abandoned state.Stone house after full restoration, and site improvements.Shower constructed by Tim Adriance.Restored Demarest House museum, the paint colors were researched and the colors are the best match for the original 1790 period hues, all work by Tim Adriance.Board and batten door with hand wrought hardware and nails prior to painting.

Detail of hand wrought “HL” hinge, and hand wrought nails.This new cellar window assembly was created as a perfect match to the original rotted window; the original was used as a pattern.  Note the “diamond” shaped bars which were intended to keep animals out while the window was open for ventilation.Window with shutter closed, note the hand wrought Dutch pad hinges.This kitchen addition, heavy timber ceiling framing (functional not decorative), wide plank flooring, and cabinets were entirely designed and constructed by Tim.Fireplace and fireplace crane were all constructed by Tim.Well house designed from an early historic photo, and constructed using traditional methods.Restored bathroom, cabinets, tile work, and painting all by Tim.New addition to a stone house designed by Tim using historic examples for reference.  Note custom made doors and trim, and correct hardware.“Restored” fireplace in 1790 house, this firebox was heavily altered in the 1920’s, and as a result accommodations were made (such as the newly added period delft tiles) to “restore” the look without total reconstruction.Restored exterior of this church, including restoring the steeple, porch, siding and ginger bread.Detail of newly recreated ginger bread just prior to painting.Detail of restored porch.Garden shed for period home, note details such as dry laid stone foundation, and hand wrought hardware.

Gilded pier mirror with reverse glass painting (painting is a copy of “Cupid’s Arrow” by Eunice Pinney, American Folk Artist, 1770-1849) entirely made by Tim Adriance.Reconstructed porch and door on early 19th century house.  Designed and constructed by Tim.Reproduction wide clapboard siding installed by Tim.Installed new roof and dormer siding.Reproduction late 18th century Bergen County pierced tin candle box (prior to painting).Actual use for the pierced tin candle box is a “period” cover for a modern thermostat.Detail of reproduction Hackensack Valley style built in cupboard; note the details - the raised panels, period glass in the doors, and the authentic styled display shelves.“Before photo” of a Bergen County stone house in such a condition that one would think the choice would be demolition by the bulldozer.“After photo” of the same house in the previous picture showing what can be done when Tim Adriance performs the restoration.Tim Adriance Historic Restoration job site – Clean, professional, quality work at a competitive price.